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Little late on this post so ill just get into it. 2 weeks ago our friend Dylan, Le Castle Vania, played Control at the Avalon again. This show was a little different because Bones was opening and the middle act was something to be explained.

Bones killed it as always. I said it when I posted this pic but man this guy can open a room, close it and host it. He knows how to feel the vibe and unlike openers who so eagerly want to be the headliner that they throw hit after heavy hit. Bones mixes heavy with sexy every time i see him.

Next up was Black Cards. Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy and Spencer Peterson of Hidden in Plain View. Two people I used to watch perform at warp tours and at Bottom of the hill in San Francisco. I can only say they let me down with this set. It was good but it was FULL of hit songs. 30 mins in they had played maybe 2 originals, 2 skrillex, a zedd remix of a skrillex song, 3 wolfgang gartner songs and a mix of other hits from numerous popular Djs. It was like they were kids who just found electro and Dj’d their friends house party. Their set was solid but not for the avalon and deffo not before Le Castle Vania.

I really do hope they improve though. They are just trying to be too big when they don’t have the skill and its gonna kill them in the real scene. I have a lot of respect for both of these musicians from growing up and playing along to their music, I know I have played drums to Hidden in Plain View’s albums for more than 15 hours of my life. haha

Then Dylan came out and owned LA like he always does.

After his set, we hit the outside to cool down and then to the lobby to chill with Dylan for a little bit.

It was super awesome to catch up with him. He’s always super chill. Till the next time, next project, next whatever, you know I won’t miss another LCV show unless they won’t let me in the doors 😉

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