The dawn approaches …

With working on projects, I am always pushing myself. If a project starts to feel like a recreation of another then I change it. I do something that makes me feel like I’m not “falling in line” with myself.

With the HARD Summer project coming together, there has been a lot of this. Changing methods and changing ideas to fit new ones. One obstacle was the color of the tanks. I had colors in my head and knew they wouldn’t be able to be found on pre-made tees. After this was confirmed, I went with my next logical step.

Give me all white tanks and Ill dye them all myself.

I come from the DIY or DIE school of life so nothing stops a project (except money).  So here it went, using my apartment building’s dryers at 3 in the morning.

The colors came out perfect. Well not perfect but perfect for this project. Some of the Brown/Tan color didnt break up in the wash so there are color bursts on the Brown tanks, just little spots of red,yellow and blue dots everywhere. Perfect for our Lost Boys vibe.

Making this project bigger and bigger, if you follow my social media outlets then you’ve seen this next piece …

Working on much more…

Get Rough, Stay Up


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