Wild for the night …


Been crazy busy everybody. Planning new projects, printing some actual product, working and connecting, staying in school, and still trying to move. haha
The HARD Summer project went better than I could have ever hoped. The response before the show was incredible with over 600 views on the Video (special thanks to my main dude, Elias over at Feeding the Streets for putting it on his feed) and afterwards, it was only better. More and more people want to be a part of these projects every time I do them and literally nothing makes me happier.

I met so many awesome people at this festival and reconnected with even more than I could keep track. At one point walking from Magnetic Man (biggest upset of the night) to Fake Blood (possibly best set of the Fest) we had a group of 40+ just trying to hang together, Literally impossible for us to photograph at the festival.

Connecting with new friends …

***I did not ask for this pic. Dillon is just a boss.

It wasn’t even the end of the first night and already I knew I would be back, same place, new event. HARD Day of the Dead – November 3rd . Im trying some stuff out for this show so stay tuned …

Get Rough, Stay Up


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Street life : Design : Street wear Get Rough, Stay Up
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