We’ve made it this far without maps in our hands …

These past weeks have been full of so much. Traveling, shows, designs, coffees, sketches and dogs. Too much to really keep up on when I don’t have stable internet at my place still. There will be another slide show at the end of this post but before that, I want to talk about myself (big surprise).

Rough and Greedy is not a clothing brand or a street wear label.I have been persistently asked about shirts and have also been approached with the assumption that I have a line of clothing coming.

While I would love for these things to be true, they are not. I am currently, simply, a graphic designer and part time student. I do graphic and logo work to make some money, make Shirts for Shows for my friends and I, and pour my heart into my projects. As I live, work and go to school I make time where I can to do these projects and put out items but cannot make this a life yet so I don’t.

I promise, there will be merch soon, some shirts and other accessories, and there will be more projects when the opportunities present themselves. Hang with me as I grow and in turn make Rough and Greedy grow with me.

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Get Rough, Stay Up


About rough and greedy

Street life : Design : Street wear Get Rough, Stay Up
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