4 Responses to I wish you all the luck in the world …

  1. Kevin says:

    Dude thats fuckin sick that skrill wore your sticker……its kevin from the palladium btw….email me back lets chill soon!

  2. Evey says:

    WOW! Well this is certainly one of the most interesting things i have read! because it is the history behind one of my favorite designs of all time and my Twitter profile picture! this has been my Twitter profile picture for almost a year now, i absolutely love the design, I am a colossal Skrilly fan, and of course Hello Kitty, Theres a story behind why i love Sonny and his music. I have grown more and more attached to this being my profile pic and i refuse to part with it, its almost like a trade mark to me at this stage.people always ask about it and it represents my love for Skrill! Ive actually decided to get it printed on a T-shirt for summer! anyway this is such a cool story! you are so lucky how cool! thats like an honor that he wore this! and posted it on Tumblr!! Thought id share some of my love for this design seeing as you are the creator! Thank you 🙂

    • Thank You!! 🙂 makes me happy that it makes you so happy. Please send me your address and I can try and send you out some stickers. I am also in the stages of printing some shirts but they wont be for sale cause of copyright issues. I can try and send you one of those as well. Thank you again for reaching out. it means a lot.

  3. Evey says:

    WOW!!!! I’m speechless… Seriously thank you so much for replying n all!! I was like nah he’s never gonna see this!… I’m buzzing, Seriously :,) this is unbelievable. My address is: Hawthorn cottage, well road, little Island county Cork, Ireland. (No I’m not a leprechaun) (or ginger) lol! but seriously this is the best thing that’s happened to me since the release of Skrills new Album Recess.. So thank you ever so much. ❤

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