Ready for the Carnival…

This year for EDC, I put together a small collection of graphics inspired by the festival and the vibes I want to see around the speedway.

EDC2013The whole project began with the logo. As we have done in the past, I created a special version taking influences from Las Vegas, and more importantly, from all aspects of EDC. Inside this print, you will find a digital representation of every stage on the raceway.  These images include a flashcard with the equation for kinetic energy which represents the Kinetic Field, the ferris wheel we all know and love, and many more of the amazing facets that make EDC wonderful.

Click images to see them larger.


As some of you may have seen in the Beyond Wonderland shirts, these tanks will also be tie-dyed individually by hand, by me. It’s a more hands on process and takes more time per shirt, which is why there is a price increase for this design. I went with the yellow color on the white shirt to resemble the typical daisy and give it just that much more of an individual look. 80sThese tanks are $20 + $6 shipping to anywhere in the US.

The next design I’m offering is one to spread our LLOVE even further. With this tee, we invite everyone in and make them honorary members of the crew.

Inspired by an 80’s fitness tee I saw awhile back in a flea market, the graphic is BOLD. The power of the first word taking over the whole shirt, while being subtly  accented by the second, I wanted “LLOVE” to be the message and the “crew” to be an addition. The bright colors and white tank make this a shirt you can rock all summer long.

These tanks are $17 + $6 shipping anywhere in thTemplatee US.


The final design is inspired by Kaskade lyrics. This phrase is one that I sing over and over in my head all the time, and I just thought it was time that the world should spread the message with me. To wear as encouragement or as a self-statement, this shirt is meant to inspire those on the dance floor into the early light.

With a gradient in the text, I wanted to imply look at the colors, signifying the dusk-till-dawn hours of the raceway. Keep the vibes goin’ and “Don’t Stop Dancing, Girl.”Template

This tank is $20 + $6 shipping.

Shipping is USPS priority mail $6 for 1, $9 for 2 shirts and $11 for all 3.

With all my projects, I have friends asking how they can help, what they can do, and how they can be a part of them. Well, this is how.

Differently from other projects, I am making this one available to everyone, and not just those going to the show with me. I always have people asking for shirts after the fact, and I almost never have extras. With this project, there’s no missing out.

These designs are up for pre-order at the moment, meaning that I will be taking orders now and printing them the first week of June, depending on order numbers. To order a shirt, please email me at:  ( yes, that’s right, roughNgreedy )

There, I can send you an invoice for your specific order and we can work out details and pay pal payment.

I am very excited for this project, and for the upcoming months of planning. Please circulate this in any way you’d like to all your friends, and spread the LLOVE!

Get Rough, Stay Up


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