Llove Summer 13 part 2…

So I’m here trying to figure out the best way to display all the amazing things that happened for the LLOVE Crew at Hard summer this year. I know, I know, I’m over a month late with this post but I’ve been planning lots of new things for the site, brand and other projects.

HARD Summer this year was incredible. We had such an amazing response to the shirts and from the crowd. Everyone loved that we were a baseball team and I had a ton of people ask me how they can be in The Crew. The thing is, everyone is in The LLOVE Crew.

Until you prove yourself unworthy, you are already in it.

This year marked the largest number of crew members ever since creating the LLOVE Crew in 2011. 29 baseball tees at the event total. Often split in two or three groups at different stages, we were everywhere. I had people telling me where my other friends were just walking from one stage to another. “Oh I just saw your friends over on that side.” Even things like, “You guys are The LLOVE Crew? I heard you have a mom in your crew!” haha970489_10151596285033920_1085366446_nIMG_99911147571_492048767553563_1315352581_oIMG_9996We made it onto the HARD facebook page and multiple blogs but most notable, Rolling Stone .Com

It’s events like this when I really feel at home. I can see smiles on all my friends’ faces and all we do is kill dance floors.

For more pictures, check out the Facebook page

BTW, we did have a mom in the crew. My Mom. She’s the best and she’ll be with us again at Escape from Wonderland!

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