LLOVE Crew Projects

The Llove Crew was originally created for White Wonderland New Year’s Eve 2011 in support of Kaskade.

After his failure to play the event that night beyond his control, the name became more than that. While spreading the Llove Crew around, I realized that this was bigger than just being for myself or for Kaskade, it was for the way I want people to feel included and for the way I want to spread my feelings to those around me. Kaskade may have been the original inspiration but I could tell it was something more than that.

Now signifying Rough and Greedy at shows all around LA and beyond, you can find The Llove Crew in numbers as few as 4 or as large as 20+ . Doesn’t matter the size of the group though, it’s about the vibe we create and the Llove we share. Find us and we’ll always have something to put a smile on your face.

Get Rough, Stay Up

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