HARD Day of the Dead – 2012

HARD changed their typical “Haunted Mansion” show into an entire day fest this year. Complete with Ferris wheel and the best/worst/most eye sore of a stage ever. The KNife Party “Earstorm” stage was the worst thing they could have added. The structure looked amazing and was full of lights and sounds but had way more problems than it was worth. WAY TOO BIG to fit in that park with a crowd around it as well, it created the worst crowd traffic I have ever seen. Other than that it was half full of amazing performances from Dillon Francis, Crookers, Jack Beats, Baauer and half full of disappointing sets from Justice, Major Lazer, Araab music and others.

For this show we scaled down the project to just stickers, of which I then wasn’t allowed to bring in. Here are those designs, the main is a play off of the original HARD Summer design. In Honor of the same venue, I went with a similar logo and changed the key elements to gear it toward this show.

Dayofthedead-outlinedfinalDotD DoubleEdge

Get Rough, Stay Up


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