HARD Summer – 2012


That’s what they said. So I did. I bought My ticket to HARD Summer 2012 when they had NO headliners announced. I decided that this would be the next big fest I would plan a LLOVE Crew project for. This was somewhere back in March or April. Giving me the most time I had ever planned out for myself.

Starting as a normal project, I simply was planning a shirt, possibly two and some stickers. Started to reference logo Ideas and sketch out designs. Came up with more than enough things planning around a theme and really developing the idea around who the LLOVE Crew would be at HARD Summer.

Lost Boys

Developing on this idea, I began to look for more things to create and add. Things to really make this project FEEL like it was for this festival. Not that it was a project simply to put out shirts but to make you feel as though you are meant to go because of this pack you have been given. Capturing the creation process, I could show everyone just how much was put into these bindles, as I began to call them. Again, referencing a Lost Boy or Nomad sense of living.

The response to this project was amazing. Better than I could have ever hoped for. It was amazing being able to show people not only the work I do but HOW I do it. The process has almost always been more important to me than the finished product. If the heart and the work has been put into it, its shows. Everything in each bindle was in some way HAND MADE by myself. Hand drawn, hand died, hand dryed, hand screened, hand wrapped, hand stamped, hand numbered, Even the stickers, Cut by hand. This project is all that I am and more. It shows just how much I love the things I do and when I have people to share them with, there isn’t anything I won’t do to make a project that much better.

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Get Rough, Stay Up


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