White Wonderland – NYE 2011

This past year, We attended Insomniac’s first attempt at an all white massive called White Wonderland. In a large amount, I was attending the event because one of the headliners, meant to play an early set because he was playing a 12 to 12 set in Vegas, was Kaskade.

In anticipation we arrived as early as we could, walking in perfect timing to catch his set. Only he wasn’t playing. The Opener was still on and no announcement was being made telling the crowd of anything else. It slowly circulated through the crowd that Kaskade and posted on twitter himself that he wasn’t going to make it for his set. NO announcement was ever made telling the crowd he wouldn’t be playing.

After letting this settle, we began to regain our positivity because we weren’t hanging on one person to make our night what it was going to be, we were all together. That’s what really mattered. Continuing through the show I met so many friends, ran into old ones I hadn’t even talked to and even made some new ones from the Bay Area I still talk to.

We also attended the second night of White Wonderland, “Size Matters”, slightly differen’t and smaller group but plenty of stickers to go around. After the event that night, hanging outside the hotel, a cute girl walked by, I complimented her on her outfit (her glasses in particular) and she was on her way. Walking back by 5 minutes later with a gentleman saying something about “being the crew”. I interjected and asked “You guys want to be in my crew?”.Approaching them with stickers in hand, she smiled and asked my age.

This lead us to being invited to The insomniac Afterparty being help on the top floor with Steve Angello and guests. Wristbands needed.

This was how the Llove Crew was created. Why it is so much more than a song and so much more than me. It can bring people together and it can open doors I never thought possible.

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Get Rough, Stay Up

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