Zedd/Nicky Romero – NYE 2012

In honor of both the LLOVE Crew’ anniversary and also meeting some really awesome people the year before, I created these.

IMG_6783 IMG_6787

When I thought about this project, I was going to make it an indepth project like most LLOVE Crew projects. This time however, given that it is a celebration for everyone, most production that can’t be done yourself is out the window.

I put the order in for these the week of the show and on the morning of, with neither the glasses and the funds still in my bank account, I assumed I was done for. Doorbell rings, Post man asks me to sign for a small envelope containing my tickets. As I turn away, he begins to hand me a small box from his satchel. Seeing the lens stickers on the box, my face lit up and the rest is history. IMG_6791

These were a complete surprise to everyone coming to the show. Like the name says, this project is meant to spread LLOVE. Here are some of my favorite girls rocking the shades with Zedd slamming in the background.IMG_7605Get Rough, Stay Up

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