Shirts for Shows

Shirts for shows is a project started by myself out of the love I have for music,clothing and supporting those that inspire me. I have always been one to wear something I am proud of and have also always been the one to wear things that I have made, awhile back for a Joker show at 103 Harriett in SF I made a shirt for this show and since then I haven’t looked back. Spray painting and stenciling all my shirts until I upgraded to actually printing them for my friends and I.

Now I use this project as a way to spread the name of the brand but also to show support for the artists and cause I want my design on a shirt. haha

Once produced, no shirts are sold for profit. I do not make garments to sell at the shows, only for friends and family who have pre ordered. This is to not infringe on any merch rights for any artist that I make a shirt for. I am not trying to take money from them in any way, purely the opposite. Just trying to show support and spread the Rough and Greedy name.

Get Rough, Stay Up

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