These are shirts that I made back before I began to brand the project, Shirts for Shows. Hope you enjoy!

This was the first shirt I sprayed for a show. It was for The Glitch Mob at The mezzanine in San Francisco. This started it all. I had to cut off the rest off the shirt because it was too stretched out and sweaty. haha

A couple shirts came in between these but no photos were taken, this one was obviously for a Glitch Mob show. It was the first show I attended in LA. It was at the Music Box on Hollywood and ended up being the Lightening in a Bottle after party for that year. It was an AMAZING show.

This was for Insomniac’s Audiotistic 2010 event. I made only two of these for the show. This was the best festival i have been to.

For that same Audiotistic show, I made this “Solo Dolo” shirt for Kid Cudi. I aimed to get it to him at the show but ya know… things happen 😉 so my friend ended up rocking it the whole night. It was better that way.

Get Rough, Stay Up


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