Le Castle Vania – ID Fest LA

September 4th, 2011

This project was a long time coming. I heard Le Castle Vania over 3 years ago now while in SF. This was before the Skrillex BOOM and the recent intake of harder music into electro. Dylan, LCV, stood out among the music I was used to because while still having that dance feel and emotion, he was using more rock instruments like guitars and drums than I was used to hearing. Being from the hardcore/post-hardcore/screamo scenes, I was instantly in love.

Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, I decided to make a design for him, well ya know, not “for him” but because I loved the name and thought I could make him an awesome logo. I loved the way it turned out so I sent it to him. He also liked it, Said it reminded kind of what metal bands usually do with their names. Couldn’t disagree with that 🙂

09/04/2011 – After trying and failing 3 times to see him in LA and SD, I finally put this together. The biggest project to date. 34 shirts in total. None of them were sold or compensated for, I handed them out to people in the front of the crowd just before his set.

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He killed it, per usual and even shouted us out as the “yellow shirt crew” a couple times during his set. Apparently a couple of the other djs who played after him were mentioning us over the mic as well.

I can honestly say this day changed my life. Dylan was the nicest guy and I could not be happier that it was he who I chose to support and spread his name, half the people I gave shirts to had never heard him before and could not stop thanking me for telling them to watch him after he finished his set.

This won’t be the only Le Castle Vania project that’s for sure …

Get Rough, Stay Up

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