Dirty South & Arty

November 24th, 2013

My good friend Blake came to me a while back about planning a show for his girlfriend Gina’s Birthday. Now I love Gina so it was a no brainer once he decided the show would be Arty and Dirty South at the Palladium. We began to throw around ideas about designs and we landed on Bows.  ” They are one of her favorite things” he said. So here you go, the entire design is two strings of a bow making all the letters and leading to the end at the bottom the shirt. The entire design project was a surprise, for everyone actually. Other than our first talk, I didn’t show Blake much of what I was doing and I just surprised everyone with shirts before the show.

This was literally one of the best shows I have been to in LA. The palladium is just magical.

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Get Rough, Stay Up

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